After the Flyknit interpretation of the Hyperdunk 2016 was noted to fit somewhat long and wide, we accepted that the standard alternatives of the shoe would also. All things considered, you recognize what they say in regards to those that expect. Better believe it, made a fool out of myself as I ended up with a shoe 1/2 measure too little. I could tell that there would’ve been a touch of room inside the shoe width shrewd, yet it would’ve been sensible with the length running consistent with size. My suggestion would go consistent with size, and the width may even suit wide footers all around ok.

I went consistent with size as I attempted on my typical 11 and a large portion of a size up. I favored the width of the 11.5 however it was too long in the toe for me. My consistent with size 11 fit impeccably length insightful (finger width) and a touch tight to begin however extended simply enough. These don’t have that additional length like the Elites (attempted on at store). I think tight and ordinary width feet will be upbeat that these fit consistent with size width and length insightful.

Lockdown was strong as the binding framework did what it should do. It’s likewise marginally hilter kilter which truly embraces the foot pleasantly. It’s something so minor that you have a tendency to expel it, yet that is kind of the point. You need a shoe that will fit so well that you disregard them while playing.

Heel lockdown was strong also; it’s something Nike has become down pretty pleasantly in the course of recent years. It’s uncommon to locate a low top Nike Basketball shoe that doesn’t offer adequate lockdown in the back of the shoe — a reward for those of us that appreciate playing in low tops.


Blade footing goes through the outsole’s tooling in multidirectional mold… and it’s amazing. Yes, they utilized translucent elastic along the outsole of the Hyperdunk 2016 Low. No, it doesn’t impede execution — this time. The example and elastic compound were wonderful, even in dusty settings. You’re secured directly, along the side, and even with fast hits steps or step backs. A year ago Hyperdunk had incredible footing, and these do also. Fortunately for us, the footing wasn’t the main acme on the shoe this time around.


In 2015 Hyperdunk brought back our adored Zoom Air pad, and in spite of bringing back the fan-most loved setup, it had loathsome pad. The 2016 release changes that totally as it furnishes you with plentiful pad that is low profile and responsive. It’s not the Zoom Air’s blame when Zoom turns sour; it’s normally the froth that the pad setup is encased in. There are distinctive densities of froth, much like elastic, and the thicker the Phylon is the firmer it feels.

I can’t let you know whether there is a contrast between the cut out outline and an ordinary outsole plan since Zoom responsiveness and size changes such a great amount from shoe to shoe that there is no real way to know. I can perceive how it would function all the more successfully in the heel since your compel is more thought there. The forefoot doesn’t have a correct landing spot like the heel since your forefoot weight is spread out over a bigger territory.

Despite the cut outs work or not I can disclose to you that the Zoom feels superior to the HD 2015 yet not in the same class as the Hyperrev 2016 or Soldier VI besides. Be that as it may, in any event it feels like Zoom. I know Nike can improve so as opposed to cutting gaps in the sole, simply give us the well done we as a whole know and love!

During the current year’s Hyperdunk 2016 Low, Nike utilized better Phylon that permits you to feel the pad underneath. That, as well as they cored out the heel and forefoot areas too. That implies those areas will pack more than they would have had they been filled. This permits you to truly feel what Zoom Air is prepared to do. This is the thing that it felt like to play in a Zoom Air setup back in the 90’s. This is the way I began to look all starry eyed at the tech.


Fuse and screen work are the essential materials. These aren’t my favored materials, yet they worked truly well and were agreeable on top of that. On the off chance that sturdiness and ventilation are your essential concentration when taking a gander at material alternatives then you’ll need to consider these as they offer both without relinquishing regulation.


The materials being tough and containing the foot legitimately, and in addition their general fit, and the wide construct they ride with respect to, all tie into their support. They don’t go well beyond what you’d expect, however they don’t have to, as they do precisely what you require them do — something most players will appreciate.


Much superior to a year ago. Albeit a year ago were quite terrible, so that isn’t stating much. What you’ll get here is awesome footing, a genuine Zoom Air kind, strong materials, a decent fit, and plentiful support. No doubt, the Hyperdunk 2016 Low is back being one of the best all-around ball shoes for players at any position.