The shoe’s best component is the new binding structure. The various holes permit the wearer to tweak the fit. On the off chance that you like the foot-hugging, tight fit then trim the distance to the base. In case you’re similar to me and like it without flaw, then utilize the second column. For individuals with truly wide feet who require as much space in the shoe, you can utilize the top arrangement of gaps.

Once again Adidas has utilized a Techfit bootie on Lillard’s line. This enhances the design every time. The Dame 3 has a lower leg neckline tallness and a more tightly bootie than the Lillard 2. Within the shoe is additionally cushioned in the heel zone and formed with the foot. The more tightly bootie and the cushioning help keep the heel secure and anticipates heel slippage, a typical event in low-tops.

A minor downside to me is the side panel’s solidness. As should be obvious in the photograph, there are two or three ribbon gaps which have as of now increased. I’m sitting tight for different colors to check whether they change the material and make them sturdier against contact and extending.

The shoes run long and wide, and I prescribe going a half size down on these for that 1:1 fit. I for one approve some squirm room so I went genuine size. Getting your foot into the bootie will challenge at to begin with, yet a shoe horn slides your foot in easily. The bootie likewise appears to have been built better contrasted with the 2’s so I don’t expect any tearing issues.


Beside the wide base, Adidas consolidated some key elements that assistance with durability.

The triangular area on the heel serves not similarly as a grapple point for the side panel bind gaps, additionally as a heel counter to keep the back a portion of your foot secured. Combined with the raised padded sole wrap, this guarantees your heel is held solidly set up to keep you stable at all circumstances.

The second element is the midfoot TPU wrap that embraces the center some portion of your foot. I at first felt a brought segment up in the midfoot, which created some distress, yet following a hour or so on court that area smoothed out and I haven’t felt anything else since.

The mesh upper gives both support and adaptability. The breathable material is fortified around the toe zone to contain the foot within those snappy alters of course, however whatever is left of the zone is sufficiently delicate that it gives you a semi sock-like feel. They’re the correct thickness too to secure your feet when ventured on.

The two arrangements of trim circles go the distance to within the shoe and are tied down to the padded sole. This gives you a chance to fix that part truly well to keep your feet from sliding around. They’re planned well as I didn’t feel them gnawing into my foot not at all like with other b-ball shoes I’ve utilized as a part of the past.

Generally speaking, I felt exceptionally steady and secure in these shoes. I never felt any worries about moving my lower legs or all of a sudden slipping and falling. Albeit mainly intended for guards, these could be a possibility for those who favor low-tops for that additional lower leg adaptability.


I in a split second felt the difference when I slipped my foot into the shoe. Indeed, even while wearing lean socks, I could feel the bounciness in the forefoot. It’s very nearly a comparable bounciness to my Pureboost ZGs.

On court, I cherished the effect security it gave me among landing. The Bounce padding does its employment well without yielding court feel, which is basic to larger part of individuals who play in the backcourt. I found the middle value of 2 hours for every session amid testing and my legs and knees felt extraordinary toward the finish of every run.

The padding isn’t all in the forefoot however. Ricochet is still there in the heel, and it makes running here and there the court less demanding and smoother. Heel-to-toe moves are quite great, as well, since there’s great extent to the padding in the front and back of the shoe.

Despite everything I am enjoying Bounce over Boost as a ball padding framework, however that is quite recently my own inclination. Lift can be excessively soft now and again while Bounce has that solidness that I like while static, however with the privilege richness when required.


I spared the best part for last.

The grip on these shoes is UNBELIEVABLE. Sticky and squeaky on any and each surface I’ve played on, they truly consider snappy landings in course. Indeed, even on the dustiest court I was on, the shoes were squeaking everywhere and kept me planted with each progression.

The footing design Adidas utilized on the Dame 3 works truly well. Clean was never an issue and I never needed to wipe even once. Likewise with alternate sets I test, I didn’t perfect the shoes all through the testing time frame to perceive how they’ll hold up, and the shoes gave predictable footing all through.

A major shock for me is the toughness. As I was taking a peek at the soles while planning to compose, I didn’t perceive any conspicuous indications of wear other than the dirt. Considering that I utilized these almost every day for two weeks, I’m astounded at how tough these outsoles are.

I won’t prescribe them for blacktop or solid courts, yet on hardwood, smooth concrete, or painted courts you’ll unquestionably like the footing these shoes give.

Final Verdict:

Evaluated the same as the D Lillard 2, these won’t use up every last cent as much as different marks would.

Damian Lillard’s mark line keeps on advancing and enhance, and it’s us purchasers who advantage each year. The Dame 3 gives me all I need in a ball shoe—phenomenal footing, great padding without relinquishing court feel, and an adjustable binding framework that gives me the level of lockdown and strength that I require.