The Adidas Crazy Light Boost 2016 runs consistent with size so that is what I’d prescribe. It’s circumscribed at the base of the forefoot so wide footers might need to consider going up 1/2 estimate or avoiding the shoe inside and out. That area breaks in among play, however every night I played in them they began off quite cozy, notwithstanding for me. Only something to consider.


Everyone ought to know at this point lower leg support in a shoe is a promoting contrivance. It isn’t genuine. You can get an indistinguishable support from a low from you would a mid or high inasmuch as the support highlights and the way they were actualized work. That is the thing that Adidas could do with the Crazy Light Boost 2016.

The support begins with the Boost, shockingly enough, as there is more Boost here than in some other Adidas model to date. Making extreme effect coverage and responsiveness without yielding safety plays into the support. Only for good measure Adidas planned the sidelong outrigger segment to confine the horizontal forefoot of the Boost padded sole. This is a safeguard Boost padded sole as the originators have done everything conceivable to guarantee it won’t crumple on you. There is a torsional bar set up for torsional support, an outer TPU heel counter that guarantees your heel stays on the foot bed at all circumstances, and nylon binding that guarantees the midfoot stays on the foot bed at all circumstances. This shoe highlights all that you don’t require anything, you don’t, and everything works impeccably together.

Lockdown is mind blowing, particularly in the heel. The forefoot, as said above, is really cozy so lockdown there is incredible. In any case, the heel area glasses the heel of the foot so superbly that you won’t understand that you’re wearing a low top shoe.


The Adidas Crazy Light Boost 2016 offers the best footing that I’ve had since the Nike Kobe 9. Yes, it’s that great. For reasons unknown, white, translucent, and gum elastic outsoles have not been made with Continental elastic. For those thinking, every single other shading I’ve seen utilize the Continental elastic.

The double thickness elastic setup worked impeccably with the example applied. With the strong dark segment, on the colorway worn, is a quite thick elastic which is tough and functions admirably notwithstanding when tidy is available. Everything that you see that is white elastic is a much gentler elastic; it’s a more flexible exacerbate that held like there’s no tomorrow. Together, the two demonstrated to function admirably on numerous courts and conditions, alongside being strong. Such an immense move from a years ago Crazy Light display.


Full length Boost is at last accessible in a shoe, and it’s somewhat not quite the same as I at first anticipated. Adidas put a huge amount of Boost pellets in this padded sole — the most it’s ever utilized on any shoe. By doing this it made the padded sole somewhat firmer than past Boost models I’ve worn. I know this sounds like a negative, yet it’s quite positive. While you don’t understand that bouncy springy feeling you might be acclimated to, you get a piece of padded sole that retains affect like nothing I’ve ever worn some time recently. It’s something that works without you feeling it. On top of that, the firmer setup guarantees that the Boost stays sufficiently stable for the sport of ball.

Move is super smooth from heel to toe and toe to heel paying little mind to your foot strikes or terrains. The move from one indicate the other is at least somewhat smooth, moving around an air filled bob house smooth. Wherever your foot strikes the floor, Boost is there to ensure it.


Shoes I’ve been wearing uses Primeknit while the primary keep running of Crazy Light Boost 2016’s will include Jacquard. I don’t think there will be quite a bit of a distinction as the Primeknit utilized is supported by a nylon which confines the normal extend the weave has. Both materials will extend less and contain more — which is the thing that you need — while requiring next to no break-in time.

The main genuine distinction between the two is that the Primeknit form doesn’t have a tongue. Rather, it includes a neoprene segment that makes the upper like one-piece development. This is awesome for lockdown and regulation, yet it doesn’t permit you to tweak the fit much. By and by, I’d have favored the setup found on the consistent renditions of the CrazyLight Boost 2016 since I would have the capacity to fix and relax the midfoot as required.


Adidas claims the Crazy Light Boost 2016 is a definitive low top. They’re not off-base. Wearing the Crazy Light Boost 2016 feels like you’re wearing the Kobe 4 or 5 on steroids. Extreme lockdown, extreme pad, extreme footing… the main issue would be the fit and that is simply because it’s thin to the show where it may not oblige everybody — which is absolutely a nitpick as accomplishing the ideal fit for each foot on the planet is almost incomprehensible.

On the off chance that you adore playing in low tops then will love these. In case you’re terrified of playing in low tops then will need to attempt these. On the off chance that you esteem your well-deserved cash and what you buy with it then will feel like you made the best tennis shoe buy of your life. The main awful thing I can say in regards to them is that they’re not extremely all around ventilated. What’s more, in the event that you let that prevent you from getting them then you never needed them in any case.